The Best-Dressed of 2016 LaLaLaFest: Looking Good Amidst Cikole’s Muddy Situation.

LaLaLa Fest, the first ever international forest festival, was said to be a real fuckery when it was held about two weeks ago at Cikole Pine Forest.

Despite so, I’m not here to discuss all the tomfoolery and buffoonery going on up in derr… how the committee was supposedly unprepared for the things that Mother Nature had in store for them, the scheduling issues, the rain, the MUDDY situation. Nope. I’m here for the FASHUN!

Let’s be real, music festivals and dressing up go hand in hand. With LaLaLa Fest, it was all about the bohemian, tribal chic trend that has swept Continue reading “The Best-Dressed of 2016 LaLaLaFest: Looking Good Amidst Cikole’s Muddy Situation.”


ManCrush Monday: Joe Jonas

Honestly though, for the past three years or so Joe is not exactly the one who comes to mind when you think about the Jonas Brothers. Nick. It’s been all about Nick and how he went from adorable to please-let-me-lick-your-abs type of hot. How he went from this little kid with his drumsticks to this beefcake with massive guns. So yes, i kinda forgot that he actually has a brother, Joe Jonas.

Joe is, well, prettier, but when it comes to sex appeal, he ain’t no Nick. That is until Continue reading “ManCrush Monday: Joe Jonas”


Movie Review: The Chef (Comme un Chef) …Light as a Souffle, Sweet as a petit four

As my mother never fully agreed on me getting into a chef school, any food or chef-related movie always gets my full attention as it help me lives my fantasy as a chef somehow. The chef is a light and yet enjoyable french comedy, albeit slightly predictable in its storyline.

The chef tells a story about an over-idealist but genius young chef Jacky Bonnot (Michael Youn) who can’t seem to keep his job because of his idealism about food.  Forced to get a job by his pregnant girlfriend, he took a job as a painter which led him to meet his idol, famous classic French chef, Alexander Lagarde (Jean Reno). The story would then revolve around both of these two chefs, Bonnot and his problem with his girlfriend, and Continue reading “Movie Review: The Chef (Comme un Chef) …Light as a Souffle, Sweet as a petit four”


Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island…uhhh, more like a journey to the ridiculous island..

A sequel to “Journey to the center of the earth”, this film is also based on another Jules Verne’s book, this time being The Mysterious Islands. It is no Oscar-worthy, but certainly bearable and can do no harm as a family-movie, although it seems to be more of a kid’s movie i guess?

As a 21 years-young , (with an old soul) i found this film to be a bit silly and dull. It doesn’t have enough comedic sense that could potentially save the whole film. And i certainly believe that it would be more interesting if the movie were directed towards a comedy-adventure genre, because to be honest, it wasn’t that great of an adventure movie. And that’s kind of strange remembering Dwayne Johnson (The Tooth Fairy, The Game Plan) and Luis Guzman (How to make it in America) were starring. The only reason i watched this movie till the end was probably because i didn’t wanna part so fast the ever super cute and charming Mr Josh Hutcherson, and yes – i might be biased here,..but- Hutcherson did become the most believable actor in this movie compare to others who seems to act strangely ,although we could definitely blame that on the CGI-fest throughout the movie.

Another flaw that i noticed was the scene-change which i thought was a little choppy, making the scenes to be a little bit disconnected.

Roumor has it, there’ll be a third sequel based on Verne’s From The Earth To The Moon, let’s hope that it could be as good as the first one rather than this one !