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pillow talk on music, capitalism, and marxism.

What do you know about indie or being indie? is it a culture? or maybe a movement? or maybe, like some people who considers themselves to be “hip” and “anti-mainstream” , you’d think that indie is a music genre ?

It was interesting that, in the midst of a lecture about capitalism and marxism, my lector had the occasion to incorporate the concept of indie music into his explanation about marxist view of capitalism. I , myself was never able to truly understand the term “indie”. But my lector today really gave me a real grasp of what being indie could mean, and it really changed the way i look at what is supposed to be an “indie” music.

One of the most unmistakable trait of capitalism is the process of commoditification.  I know commoditification is not really a word, but that was exactly the word he used to describe the act of turning everything , mostly refers to product and services, into a commodity to gain profit. And according to marx, commoditification is such a brutal process because it turn something that could’ve been a  “common property” or free public-goods into something that is commercialized. Water is one of the example. Every human being is supposed to be able to enjoy water for free, but they can’t because of the so-called commoditification done by drink companies.

Now, music , according to my lector, is also one of the goods that is being commoditified by capitalist corporations. Music is supposed to be free. No one should be required to pay to enjoy music.  it is supposed to be an art, a way to express oneself rather than a commodity.

Thus, these …,things…that we know as indie musics, they are the ones who try to revive the very idea of music as an art rather than a commodity. That is why they oppose big labels, because they are deemed as an advocate of capitalism and their commoditifiation.

So i think,unlike those hipster nonsense u might’ve heard before, being indie is not really about being anti-mainstream or quirky. Instead, it is about appreciating music as an art and as a way of expression. So you, people who consider yourself to be “indie” kinda guy,  might wanna rethink your purpose of being “indie” if you try to be indie only for the sake of being cool and hip. But that’s just my two cents anyway.

good night everyone !


IR & Politic Stuff · journal

The failure of my to-do-list…..and also SBY as a president (oh no you didn’t, yes i did!!)

Apparently i noticed today that my to-do list has been piling up and slightly falling behind the tempo as last week i was being a complete lazybones. Therefore, i was planning on dedicating this sunday to catch up on some of those to-do list. One of my main priority was to finish Karl marx’s book – communist manifesto – which was an obligatory reading material for one of my class, theory of socialism. Yea well…,unfortunately that did not happen.

So i moved on, i moved to the next Continue reading “The failure of my to-do-list…..and also SBY as a president (oh no you didn’t, yes i did!!)”