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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9, Episode 1 Power Ranking! Oh My Gaga!

I think it would be fun to create a power ranking each week to see if we can predict who would make it to the final 3. Most episodes, I will base the power ranking on how they perform in Mini Challenge(25), Maxi challenge (25), runway looks (25), and of course…personal judgement lol (25). But since episode 1 is a little different, this week’s power ranking is based on their Maxi Challenge (50) + Personal Judgement (50).

  1. Mystery Queen 0/100

Well, we don’t anything about her yet, so…

  1. Kimora Blac. 15/100 (10 + 5)

Kimora’s Gaga  was deemed to be uninspiring, while her hometown homage was considered cheap and not in the spirit of Las Vegas, and I agreed. The chance of her going home first seems pretty high. Plus I’m getting this vibe that the judges didn’t really live for her, and I can see why. Up ‘til this point, she just doesn’t seem to have anything to offer beside her body-ody-ody!

  1. Jaymes Mansfield. 25/100 (15 + 10)

Jaymes’ hometown homage was read to filth for missing an opportunity to use Milwaukee to camp it out. And while judges didn’t seem to have issues with her interpretation of Gaga’s Vogue cover, It was her timid personality that makes them, and me, worry that she might go home soon.

  1. Trinity Taylor 38/100 (35 + 3)

Judges seemed to strongly dislike her homage hometown look, claiming that it didn’t show Orlando in the best way. I personally didn’t care for it that much, the sun anus comment…gurl lol. Despite so, judges loved her AHS gaga look, and it was also one of my favorites, actually!

  1. Farrah Moan. 50/100 (20+30)

I, love, Farrah. But I agreed with the judges, she didn’t perform very well. While I was living for her hometown homage, apparently the judges didn’t think it was very Vegas-y. She also missed an opportunity to do a tear-away, and instead left the judges unimpressed with her choice of the shapeless robe from Gaga’s Alejandro.

  1. Shea Coulee 55/100 (40 +15)

Shea came out with a big sausage headdress that was funny and clever, and her homage to mystique’s “Bitch, I’m from Chicago” was everything! Despite so, Gaga thought that she went a little too far with the details for the second look. I personally dislike it because it looked significantly different to the original dress.

  1. Peppermint 60/100 (25 + 35)

The judges thought that her hometown homage was…expected and uninspiring. It was okay, she looked gorgeous. While they didn’t seem to be bothered with the gaga look, Gaga did say that Peppermint made some questionable choices regarding the detailing. Again she looked gorgeous, but she’s naturally gorge, so you need to give us more, P!

  1. Alexis Michelle 62/100 (35 + 27)

Just like Peppermint, Alexis hometown homage got a little read especially by Michelle. Judges wanted to really see the “messages”  instead of just funky looking words written wih marker on her swimsuit. Despite so, she looked STUNNING in Gaga’s golden globe awards dress. That hourglass curve, that’s what a good drag looks like to me!

  1. Sasha Velour 65/100 (40+25)

Okay, I know she was at the top three, and lots of people love her, so she should probably ranks higher in this power ranking. While she only received a minor critiques from Michelle and Gaga regarding her props, what makes her placed sixth is just the fact that she labeled herself as the artsy-fartsy queen and I don’t like that lol. Like, there’s a little serena chacha in there, I know it….

  1. Aja 67/100 (30+37)

Aja went into the competition head strong, she was one of the frontrunners for sure, so that’s give her a lot of power already. Despite so, her hometown homage was also deemed uninspiring. While judges loved her Commes de Garcon look, she was read for her terrible makeup.

  1. Charlie Hides 70/100 (35 +35)

I like Charlie because she’s crudely funny. Except that little tearway mishap, I think she did pretty well! Judges seemed to love her Gaga look.

  1. Valentina 90/100 (45 + 45)

Honestly the fact, that she only looked that polished while only been in drag for 10 months makes me STUN! The judges seemed to really love her, and so do i. I thought her mariachi look was superb, and while the judges was okay with her gaga look, for me it was lacking in drama or something…

  1. Eureka 95/100 (45 + 50)

Obviously the judges loved her, but I kinda do too! Okay, her challenge looks weren’t my favorite, but I really like her personality. She’s funny, quick on her feet, and a little bit shady in the best possible way. I love how she opt for comedy for her hometown homage, and the judges loved her gaga look.

1.Nina Bonina Brown 98/100 (48 + 50)

Obviously he’s at the top of the pack after that first episode. Why? She went in with the most ridiculous entrance outfit, her hometown homage was so celebrated by the judges, and she chose the right gaga look to fit her drag aesthetic. So I’d say she is a force to be reckoned with, although winning the first challenge is not always a sign of going far. Remember LaGanja?


In Danger of Going Home: Kimora Black and Jaymes Mansfield.

Bottom Pack: Trinity Taylor, Farrah Moan

Middle Pack: Alexis Michelle, Peppermint, Shea Coulee

Top Pack: Nina Bonina Brown, Eureka, Valentina, Aja, Charlie, and Sasha Velour.

So, what do you think drag racer? Do you guys agree?


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