Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Power Ranking Based on the Meet-the-Queen Videos

Honestly, there is nothing that got me more excited than watching Rupaul’s Drag Race! I’ve been living for the show since I watched my first season, which was the fourth season. *go back to party city where you belong!!* As sad as it sounds, the show usually becomes one of the highlights of my year, especially with me being in such a carceral state from working at home.

Honestly, truly, waiting for another month before season 9 air is going to be like waiting Miss Fame to get the “how’s your head” question, I just can’t. As of right now my thirst for the show has only been eased by the cast announcement and it’s not enough!

So, I know that you can never judge the contestant from the “meet the queens” clips, but so far I’ve never got it wrong regarding who’s gonna go far and who’s just gonna be a filler queen. So, here is my very first impression which is also my power ranking based on the MTQ videos:


Top: Aja, Charlie Hides, Valentina, Shea Coulee, Sasha Velour, Trinity Tylor. Bottom: Jaymes Mansfield, Farrah Moan, Kimora Blac, Alexis Michelle, Eureka, Nina Bo’nina Brown, Peppermint.

#1: AJA

She kewl, but the thing is she’s very Naomi Smalls 2.0, only funnier, which is great because the only reason Naomi didn’t win was because she didn’t nail the comedy version of the competition, IMO.

#2: Valentina

OMG. Real housewife of Latina extravaganza realness. Once again, I love my fishy queens, thus she’s definitely in my top 3 even though she keeps saying luxuriate and luxury like it’s a verb. I also love how she pronounce her name “BAHLENTHINA”

#3 Farrah Moan

OMG, FISH! Can’t lie that, I love my queens more on the Fishy side and Farrah is GORGEOUS! If Courtney Act and Derrick Berry have a love child, it would be Farrah. I just hope that she doesn’t rely on her body that much because right now she comes across as a little void in personality.

#4 Nina Bo’Nina Brown

Is that acid Betty? Why she sound like Bob tho?? LOL. She’s funny, and she can definitely paint. And I love me some Georgian Queens. She good.

#5 Charlie Hides

She’s the oldest contestant ever?? I saw it somewhere that she’s over 50 and I was like, say what now?? Cuz there’s no way she’s that, um, mature. She looks good! Plus, I love her bicoastal accent tho it’s probably as fake as Max’s. Hopefully she’s more of a Chad Michaels than tempest dujour.

#6 Alexis Michelle

I love me some NY queens. But I don’t know, they just had three really amazing NY queens last season, and Alexis seems a little demure compared to them. Her drags screams southern pageant to me which is not a bad thing, just doesn’t match with her being a NY girl. Something tells me that she’s not gonna last that long, but I really like her because she seems very funny.

#7 Shae Coulee

I live for a bautiful dark chocolate glamazonia African Princess. Right now i can only say that, not sure if she’s a comedy queen or a fashion queen.

#8 Kimora Blac

wow….shady, shady, shady. Not the funny kind of shady though, the evil queen mother type of shade. What can I say though, her drag is fish and I’m liking it. But she seems really annoying thooo…ugh.

#9 Jaymes Mansfield

OMG what’s that sound?? Is that Mimi Imfurst after eating Josly Fox? Seems like she will be one of the shady ones, and I’m all for that LOL!

#10 Eureka

JAIDYNN DION FIERCE! I know we’re all rooting for a big girl to snatch the crown, but I don’t think it’s gonna be her tho.

#11 Sasha Velour

Let’s face it, her look is very Ongina-ish. I don’t know about this one. Seems like a filler to me because there are others who have bigger personality.

#12 Trinity Tylor

Oh lawd, I don’t know about this one. She looks very Kandy Ho meets Venus D-lite. Messy. I’ll just leave it at that.

#13 Peppermint

hmmm…now I heard that “meet the queens” attires are usually provided by the show, but if what she’s wearing is any indication of her real drag style, imma say she will go home in the first two episode.

I can already tell that this is going to be a great season, especially with LADY GAGA AS A GUEST JUDGE?? they’re certainly not on a budget this year :9

Can’t wait to see the premier on the 1st of March!


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