Mancrush Monday: K.J. Apa

So, Archie got hot!


It is only appropriate that Archie is this week #MCM following the premiere of Riverdale, which is the newest TV adaptation of Archie the comicbooks.

Who is he?

Keneti James Apa, a New zealander who just snatched a lead role in the American adaptation of Archie the comic book, Riverdale.

You can catch him on:

  • Well, duh, Riverdale the TV Series.
  • That Dennis Quaid movie called A Dog’s Purpose.

Fun Facts:

He’s actually not a redhead. But he still very much sizzling thoo knowing that he’s a bottle redhead.


He is of Samoan and Kiwi nationality.

Why is he this week MCM?

Well, i mean, c’mon now…

Obviously animal-lover, woof!
ABSolutely delightful to see…
Selfie game is strong @kjapa
And of course, makes you flood your basement…

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