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That One Year In Poland when I was Ida the Jewish Nun.

I’ve been trying to force myself to write for the last…pfft…I don’t know, forever? But apparently writing doesn’t come so easily to me, I just don’t have anything to say?! But I came to realization lately, after seeing so many personal blog posts floating around on my timeline; you don’t really have to have anything important to say to have a blog! Like, you can talk about the most trivial things in your life like your unhealthy enthusiasm for indie hip-hop artist, that trip abroad that you took five years ago, or your favorite type of toilets, whatever, who cares? Right? Personal blog isn’t meant to impress anyone, it is meant to express! Or something like that. So, yeah, Imma start to write whatever it is that I have in my mind that I feel like its needs to be expressed, because you know, therapists are expensive.

Anyway, even as I write this, I don’t really know exactly what to write, though I’m thinking about recounting my experience as an exchange student which happened like three years ago. The thing is, I found out early on after I got back home, people, especially those who claim to be my friend, just generally don’t believe in the kind of amazing year I had during that year. They would start by asking “How was It?” and ended up rolling their eyes because they just don’t seem to apprehend how a dweeb like me with so many shortcomings in life could have such a wonderful year, one that is probably better than theirs. But this is my space and i’ll do whatever pleases me 😉

The thing about my exchange year is that, it was such a crazy and experimental year that has shaped my life going forward, for sure, be it for the worst or for the better, jury still out on that one! Erasmus exchange program is known for, well, like a façade to what essentially is a paid vacation, one that involves many, many parties, booze, sex, and everything in between. Obviously it’s not the case with everybody, but if you’re the free and open-minded kind, there’s a chance you’d experience the craziest year of your life.

And I certainly did.

See, I’m not the type that parties or travels, though, i am certainly the type that drinks 😀 *Don’t you take my pinot, mama always needs her sippy-sip* 😀

I’m not one of the cool kids. I love staying indoor watching crappy tv shows especially reality tv shows that makes you wonder about your life choices. A former stripper like Joseline Hernandez gets to live in a mansion with her man and I’m struggling to pay the rent?  *JK, I don’t pay rents lol*

But during an exchange like that, you do what you gotta do to soak up, soak in and sink in whatever it is that they offer because you might never get to experience them again later in life. Experience everything while one is still young is definitely recommended because once one reaches that “responsible” age, partying and being silly all night(debatable), having hot steamy sex with stranger(again, debatable), or even budget travelling won’t be something that seems viable to you. I mean, staying in a youth hostel when you’re in your mid-30s is definitely not cute, that is for sure.

I’m just glad that I’ve got the chance to get crazy during my last year of college because my first three years of college were rather dull.

Now, do I regret some of the things that I did that year?

Do I regret having a big slutty phase of a year, jumping from one Baguette/bratwurst/kielbasa/chorizo (you get the gist) to another? Nope.

Do I regret taking the sippy-sip, basically every day, so much so that when I hear the word Poland my liver hurts? Nope.

Do I regret going to so many useless gatherings (read: parties) that made me basically a vampire, staying up all night and struggling to see the morning, so much so that I didn’t pass some classes? Okay, this one is a yes :’(( I did regret not passing my Yoga and Polish language course. Being able to speak one of the hardest languages in the world fluently while maintaining a perfect Svanasana would be such a cool thing to do. But hey I passed the other ones!

That year actually kind of reminds me of this Polish black-and-white movie entitled “Ida” in which it tells a story of a young catholic nun of Jewish background in search of her last family member before she can fully join her convent and take her vows. Along the way, she found her aunt, her modern, free-spirited aunt who recommended her that she experience the joy of life, and by that she meant opening herself up, and legs, to every possibility in life outside the convent.

I am that nun.

I took my wimple off, finished my cigs, take a swig of that sinful liquid, fucked a hot hitchhiker, and now I am ready to go back to the convent and be a full-time nun.



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