Mancrush Monday: Santiago Segura

Ayayay! I’ve always had a thing for Latinos. I’m not sure what it is. It could be their look, their dark complexion, i’m not sure. They have this, um, personality thing, they are naturally full of passion and sex appeal.

Obviously not all of them are Ricky Martin, Diego Boneta, or Wilmer Valderrama. Some of them are a little bit more of George Lopez. But if you were to give me a Georgo Lopez one, i wouldn’t be mad about it LOL!

Anyway, today’s #MCM is Santiago Segura!

Who is he?

He’s an American actor of Colombian descent.

You can catch him on:

  • You might often see him on teen TV series such as MTV’s Faking It, The middle, and i think he was also on Silicon Valley? But I’m most familiar with his portrayal of a dark and broody teen heartthrob, Gustavo Acosta, in the TV adaptation of Scream.(You need to check it out, this show is actually pretty good if you’re into slasher movies)
  • His instagram account: @santiagoasegura

Why is he today’s MCM?

source: Instagram @santiagoasegura

Well, first of all, Obviously he’s such a stud. Tall, dark, and built.

feeling like going spelunking in his left dimple? same.

His chocolatey goody skin tone though…

source: Instagram @santiagoasegura

And that square jaw? *flood my basement*

so piercing it’s probably lobotosmizing source: instagram @santiagoasegura

But for me, it’s always been about that heavy lided, seductive, bedroom eyes of his. so intense!


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