The Best-Dressed of 2016 LaLaLaFest: Looking Good Amidst Cikole’s Muddy Situation.

LaLaLa Fest, the first ever international forest festival, was said to be a real fuckery when it was held about two weeks ago at Cikole Pine Forest.

Despite so, I’m not here to discuss all the tomfoolery and buffoonery going on up in derr… how the committee was supposedly unprepared for the things that Mother Nature had in store for them, the scheduling issues, the rain, the MUDDY situation. Nope. I’m here for the FASHUN!

Let’s be real, music festivals and dressing up go hand in hand. With LaLaLa Fest, it was all about the bohemian, tribal chic trend that has swept international music festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella. But then again, it’s Indonesia, you can’t expect much. There are still so many people who don’t understand that when you go to a music festival, you dress up!

I guess #LaLaLafest strived to be the first ever Coachella-esque music festival in Indonesia, though it was giving me a little bit more of a Woodstock vibe since it was a pine forest and all.

The dresscode was, umm…, Indian, as in Native American. I’m sure they were trying to go for “Americana” look, but i guess they weren’t familiar with the term so they had to use another term that might be a little bit, well, prone to cultural appropriation issues.I mean, can you imagine the backlash if events like Coachella ask their audience to dress as “Indian.” LoL. But I guess we Indonesians are not familiar with such a thing, cultural appropriation.

I saw on Instagram that some people literally dressed up as Indians. No problem. But hey, you’re in a music festival and you wanna dress like a three-year-old on a Halloween night? with a burlap sack and a Native American Headgear? Nope.

Luckily, there were some people who actually UNDERSTOOD how to rock such events while looking their best. These people need special attentions for their knack in the artistry of styling and looking music festival-appropriate. They are Americana, they are boho-chic, and they are hippie-chic.

The girl on the left, Bell-bottomed polka dot pants is very Woodstock 1969. Combined with braids and floral print cardigan, that’s just a hippie girl 101.

source: Instagram @angginila

The other girl is okay, a bit basic though, no T no shade.

Tribal Rompers mixed with a cute sheer floral cardigan and a suede boots? Yes Please. Plus, sunflower crown on an orange lock? This girl just knows…

Source: Instagram @stephaniemeliana

But man oh man, look at her suede boots, it’s all ruined by the mud 😦

This look is everything! This girl clearly knows how to layer. I love how the tribal kimono stands out on top of white and beige.

Source: Instagram @bellattamimi

That’s also a really interesting way to put on a hijab. Is that earring i spotted?

Rose flowercrown+Yellow off the shoulders+black culottes. Deadly color combo, hippie witch realness!

Source: Instagram @sherlychristabela

Honestly, this is one of my favorite looks out there. It might be ever so-simple compared to the other, but in the sea of tribal print, white, and beige, this black-yellow-red combo is just so refreshing. She looks like a cool gypsy witch that i have always wanted to be.

umm…Hobo Chic?

Source: Instagram @winnycaprina

The oversize kimono on top of a sweater topped with a  knit-scarf and a beanie, they all are giving me a little bit of hobo-chic. It doesn’t really scream forest festival, but hey, it is a look. And looks like it was cold up there, so i guess it’s a plus on functionality.

Crop top turtleneck is sexy, mixed with a bomber jacket, it’s cool and sexy.

Source: Instagram @articgi

Okay, this one is slightly more urban and street rather than bohemian or hippie. But this is still a cool ensemble though.

Well, the gladiator flats is a sensible footwear for the terrain, but the tribal dress is pretty cute.

Source: Instagram @liviazahra

Coachella 101: Floral romper with fringe cardigan. I feel like i’ve seen this A LOT on coachella fashion reviews but hey, it’s a cute look for a music festival.

Source: Instagram @sintaprmtsr

Another Woodstock moment. This is how you do it! Guy is looking great in his essential hippie attire and girl is looking cute in her tank top and a very 60s hippie pants.

Source: Instagram @ongkytang

Simple but serve the purpose. Print outer on top of neutrals is always good. But the little dream-catcher necklace and the gladiator sandal made the overall look.

Source: Instagram @ihsnibr

Lumbersexual alert! flannel and wool parka, very americana, very lumbersexual.

Source: Gmthiar

It’s a little lumberjack-ish, which is a good trend in male fashion right now. I just wish that the jogger-pants were jeans and the sport shoes were boots to make it all the way Americana Lumbersexual.

Okay so, it’s not exactly Coachella. These people who dressed up to the show were probably just a small percentage. But hey it’s only the first year! There might be another LaLaLaFest next year, and the year after, and after that, and in times Indonesia will have its own a cultural musical events which allows its audience to not just enjoy music but also socialize and looking good while doing it.


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