Mancrush Monday: Simu Liu

Simu Liu

Who is he : Chinese-born Canadian actor and stuntman.

oppaa yaa~~ source:
source: instagram

You can catch him on:

  • Kim’s Convenience. Canadian comedy series about a first generation Korean-canadian family. It’s actually funny!
  • Taken. 2016 American drama series based on the movie (i think?)
  • Next season of Orphan Black, Canadian scifi series about clones, one of my favorites series ever!
  • His instagram page at @simuliu.
simu liu cute
source: twitter

Why is he today’s MCM:

Those cheekbones, perfect grin, undeniably snatched body, and honestly though, for me, it’s those lean but muscular arm muscles starting from the shoulder going down to the triceps and biceps. But most importantly, we just don’t see enough Asian representation in American drama series and a hot Asian guy like him is playing a lead role is such a breath of fresh air!

What do you think of him?




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