ManCrush Monday: Joe Jonas

Honestly though, for the past three years or so Joe is not exactly the one who comes to mind when you think about the Jonas Brothers. Nick. It’s been all about Nick and how he went from adorable to please-let-me-lick-your-abs type of hot. How he went from this little kid with his drumsticks to this beefcake with massive guns. So yes, i kinda forgot that he actually has a brother, Joe Jonas.

Joe is, well, prettier, but when it comes to sex appeal, he ain’t no Nick. That is untili saw his new spread for the Notion Magz where i immediately “flood my basement, bitch.” (did someone get this Rupaul’s drag race reference??)

Fun Facts: Joe is the lead singer for the band DNCE. I’ve been listening “Cake by the ocean” for like months, but i just found out about him being the singer, like, two days ago. :/


Sexy pecks? Check. Tanned? check. Drool-worthy chest hair? Chest..i mean, check.

Fun Facts #2: His man-crush is Daniel Craig and Matthew McCounaghey.


That back muscle, though. #nyamnyam #cakebytheocean? #cakebytheshower

I have had multiple Daniel Craig birthday cakes in my life. One was a photo of him coming out of the water from Casino Royale and they made it into a cake. Obviously, Matthew McConaughey is one, too. I think he’s the man. So, between those two, there’s a lot of man crushing going on.” – Joe on Reddit Q&A.

Fun facts #3: Joe is of Italian descent, which i already knew because i always have a thing for Italians. But, turns out he’s also of Cherokee descent. GeronimHot..

Getting wet here #drenched!

Happy Monday, everyone!


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