Movie Review: The Chef (Comme un Chef) …Light as a Souffle, Sweet as a petit four

As my mother never fully agreed on me getting into a chef school, any food or chef-related movie always gets my full attention as it help me lives my fantasy as a chef somehow. The chef is a light and yet enjoyable french comedy, albeit slightly predictable in its storyline.

The chef tells a story about an over-idealist but genius young chef Jacky Bonnot (Michael Youn) who can’t seem to keep his job because of his idealism about food.  Forced to get a job by his pregnant girlfriend, he took a job as a painter which led him to meet his idol, famous classic French chef, Alexander Lagarde (Jean Reno). The story would then revolve around both of these two chefs, Bonnot and his problem with his girlfriend, and Lagarde with his worry of being replaced by a younger and hipper gastro-molecular chef.

Director’s Daniel Cohen surely delivered a very likable film, highlighting the French’s great passion for food. Jean Reno is quite charismatic, while Michael Youn really gave a strong comedic presence. Even several minor characters such as Bonnot’s trio chef-friend gave a great comic impact. Many scenes are LOL-worthy, but my favorite was the one when they dress up as a Japanese man and a geisha to observe their enemy’s restaurant. There were also several AWW-moment specially near the end of the film.

jean reno and michael youn , the chef (comme un chef)
Jean Reno and Michael Youn , the chef (comme un chef)

This film is as light as a french souffle, as sweet as petit fours , and as entertaining as summer in paris. i would certainly recommend you to watch this film, trust me , you won’t be dissapointed!


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