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Why Baking is Cool and The Great British Bake Off is The Show You Gotta Watch! Prepare to Drool!

“Mom, what if i were to enter a culinary school , specially patisserie school….”

“Why ? Do you want to be a servant?  I am not paying for it , it is such a waste of money and time, you can learn to cook at home! end of discussion!”

That’s what happened about two or three years ago when i HYPOTHETICALLY asked my mom about going to a culinary school. I wasn’t really going to enroll into a culinary school, but i had the thought for a really long time even before i took international relations as a major. But even just the thought of it didn’t sit well with my mom. Well in her defense , i was already on my first year studying IR at a local university, and it did cost her quite a lot financially.

It is a little bit disappointing that i might not be able to go into a culinary school, except if i were to pay for it by myself…., which is highly unlikely because i am knee-deep in IR right now. But even so, nothing can stop me from baking and cooking, specially baking. I love baking!

Now, what i really want to say is that, lately I’ve been watching this amazing reality competition cooking show on the telly. The show is called “The Great British Bake Off . So, as you can see from the name, it’s a British show, and it’s about baking. And the contestants are not actually bakers. Instead, they come from every walks of life , with only one thing in common, that they love to bake (not talking about weed here).

Apparently the show has been going on for three seasons, and yet i only found out about the show like a week ago ! i’m so bummed about that! just because right now i’m watching straight from the third season, and i haven’t even watched the previous two seasons, so now i have to look for the other two because i just love the show so much! I’ve  also heard that the show has received a widespread international adaptation , including the upcoming Aussie and US version. i just can’t wait to watch the US version, because american tend to go all out regarding to TV shows, which i love.

Now for me, the show is the most amazing show on earth because of several reason.

1. i can relate to most of the contestant

John Whaite, 22yo law student

2.Educational show format

Every episode, they always have different types of challenge. For example, episode 3 are all about Tarts, episode 6 are puddings, and episode 9 are french pastries. Plus, they always have a food history section that is very informative, and for a history-buff/anglophile like me, very enjoyable to watch.

3. cute blokes with british accent.

James Morton, 21yo Medical student
Stuart, 26yo PE Teacher

4. Mouth-watering, Jaw-dropping, Eye-popping baking art

Union jack Cake
Colosseum Gingerbread biscuit

5. it always makes me want to bake after watching an episode.

there’s always this urge to bake a particular type of baking that was being covered on the show. Sometimes i follow the urge, sometimes i don’t. It’s not like i’m going to buy a big and highly expensive chunk of beef tenderloin just to make a wellington for myself…, but if it’s just a good old american pie or fruit tart, i’m up for it!

So i guess you could sum up that this post is aimed to show that i love baking and the Great British bake-off. But i guess i also want to say that People should bake more often. Baking makes us happy. Baking is a passion. Baking also is a great way to have fun in the kitchen. Baking is an enjoyment, and through enjoyment we endure life!  If my words aren’t convincing enough, maybe you should try to watch this show! Maybe just like me, the show will trigger the inner-martha stewart in you, in a good way. Of course it is easier to just buy everything from the store, but would you be more satisfied to eat something that is a fruit of your effort ? we could learn anything from The Great British Bake Off, is that baking is not something that only could be done by a housewives. Everybody bakes these days. Male, female, old, young, gay, straight,and everything in between !

Baking is a source of happiness, and the world could always have some more of that!

So, keep baking people, keep baking !


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