Top 5 Tuesday: 5 hottest male country artist and their albums you gotta listen

My love for country music started when Carrie Underwood won American idol back in 2005.  Since then, i’ve listened to a bunch of country singers such as Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney.

A few reasons why i love country music so much is because It tells story, sometimes it’s deep and meaningful, sometimes it’s just plain fun and playful. But most  of all, i love country music because of these hunky male singers and their great voices. :>

These 5 guys are my top 5 favorite male country singers of all time. Some of them are newcomers and some of them have been on my list since the first time i got the country bug.

5. Josh Turner

Josh Turner has what American Idol’s Randy Jackson called as “Lady-killa” kinda voice. It’s that deep, macho, and rich kinda voice that wraps your soul like warm chocolate pie.

His music really is a mix between a contemporary  without losing the traditional country feeling.

His newest album “haywire”, has that chilled and cozy feeling to it when i listen. There are fun and fast-paced tracks such as “Why Don’t We Just Dance” and “Haywire” that sounds like something that comes out from an old southern bar jukebox. While Tracks such as “I Wouldn’t be a Man” and “Lovin’ You on My Mind” are a little bit more on the smooth and romantic side.

My personal favorite track is “I Wouldn’t be a Man” , but i would definitely recommend his groovy first single “Why Don’t We Just Dance

4. Easton Corbin 

I believe mr. Corbin here is quite new to the industry because i’ve never really heard of him before his newest album “All over the road”.

His voice is just the pure, effortless, free and easy kind. It actually resembles George Strait’s voice a lot. His album itself is very light and cheerful. No song really capture that deep or sad country story .Mostly it projects  an all-american boy falling in love story. Several of you might not like that, but i enjoy his album A LOT!

My personal favorite are the first three tracks of the album , “All over the road” , “Lovin’ You is Fun“, and “That’s Gonna Leave a Memory” , Plus the only sentimental ballad in the album “I Think of You

3. Eric Church 

I consider Church as a more of a country-rock kinda guy. His album “Chief ” has a little bit more mainstream feeling than the previous two artists. One track called “Homeboy” actually has a slight hip-hop beat in it.

The general theme of his third album is pretty much,well…, booze ! I mean, 4 of his track  actually revolves around alchohol, “Drink In My Hand” “Jack Daniels” “Hungover & Hard up” and “I’m Getting Stoned”

But what makes this album great , other than his recognizable voice, is the catchy rock tune and cool lyrics such as the one in my favorite track “Springsteen”  . I also love the overall “bad-boy” character which is best captured at “Keep On

2. Dierks Bentley 

Contrary to the popular beliefs, It is not his fabulous curly blond hair, scruffy beard, and pretty blue eyes that catch my attention :*>, But it was really his musical aesthetic that somewhat different than any other country artist i’ve listened.

His album are mostly a little bit on the traditional outlaw country-rock side. Even his previous blue-grass  album “Up on the Ridge” is one of the best album i’ve ever had.

he doesn’t necessarily have the best vocal in the world, but it is his hoarse, rock-star kinda voice that got me.

Home is definitely a deep, emotional, and substantive album. The Must-Listen tracks for me are the patriotic ballad “Home“, contemporary sing-a-long song “In My Head“, Beautiful laid-back Duet “When You Gonna Come Around” and the catchy rock tune “5-1-5-0

1. Billy Currington 

so finally, my number one favorite male country singer of all time is…..BILLY CURRINGTON!!

i was a fan right away after i saw this video clip of his, “Must be Doin’ Something Right“. i meann….

soo anyway, i really am a fan of his voice, specially that beautiful breaks he makes sometimes. what can  i say, guy’s gotta sexy voice!

Just like the name, his album is an enjoyable, laidback, and chilled kinda album. I genuinely LOVE every single track in his album. But if i gotta pick one or two favorite, it’s gotta be these 2 romantic slow jams, “Until You” and “Let Me Down Easy“.

So that’s it people ! those are my top 5 favorite male country singers ever! I know country music is not for everyone. Some people find country music corny and uncool. But, in the end, country music is beautiful thing and you just gotta be open-minded and willing to try something new sometimes. Maybe you will find country music as your favorite kind of music just like i did when i fell in love with Carrie Underwood on American Idol!

anyway, Happy Tuesday everyone!



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: 5 hottest male country artist and their albums you gotta listen

  1. Since I’m a recent convert to country music, I’m pleased to see that we have similar tastes–all of them quite e a s y on the eyes :o)

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