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Top 5 Tuesday : Top 5 Mystery-supernatural-horror Series that You Should Watch , or at Least Consider to Watch!

If there were 2 things that i enjoyed the most in my life , it would be watching horror movies and TV series.

Luckily, horror are one of the fastest growing genre in TV industry. New horror/mystery series are popping up everywhere. Some of them are captivating, but lots of them are just waste of your time.

These are top 5 Horror tv series that are currently still airing and –according to me–  considered to be the best horror series you could find on tv nowadays.


First of all, this show is borderline Sci-Fi , so if you don’t like that kinda thing, well you still gotta try to watch it because this show is pretty cool. Adapted from Stephen King’s book “The Colorado Kid“, The show tells a story about an FBI agent, Audrey Parker, (played by Emily Rose) who comes into this small town, called Haven. In this town, she deals with people that possess some kinda supernatural power , called the troubled. As she unravels the mystery of the city, she also finds a shocking mystery about herself .

– Awesomeness : The mystery of the town and the main protagonist keeps you going

Lameness : Not really a horror series. Don’t expect heart-racing and thrilling suspense.  Also sometimes the story plot is predictable.


This show is currently on its 8th season, and it is aired on CW, so a lot of you probably has already know about this show. Two brothers (Dean and Sam, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki respectively) on a journey ,hunting down supernatural creature such as vampires and ghosts.

Awesomeness : Ackles and Padalecki are hot……..haha no just kidding……,It has humor and drama, the writing and the plot are really good and unpredictable.

Lameness : kinda heavy on the drama, specially the later seasons. Plus, the storyplot was great on its early season, but after its 4th season (i guess) the show has gone biblical on a massive scale. And when God , prophet, and purgatory were brought into the show, it kinda lost me a little.


Man, Ryan Murphy is good ! Now before you start watching the newest season of  this show(which is the second season), i would definitely recommend you, eventhough this is an anthology series,to watch the first season  because it was reaalllyy good !

The new season is going back to the 60s and it tells a story about a scary asylum and its scary patients and its scary doctors and its scary nuns. Those are as much as i can tell you about the show thus far…yea sorry about that. But the show itself is very new, the first episode aired like a week ago on 17th October.

Awesomeness : Big names such as Jessica Lange and Chloe Sevigny (Adam levine even gueststarred on lastweek episode!) , great storyline, definitly horror -the kinda horror that makes you cringe rather than the kinda that spook you out, intense acting performance, positive LGBT characters.

Lameness : i don’t know…, there’s just this weird scene on the show about alien abduction. I certainly didn’t expect that, it was so weird i can’t even….


This is a brand-new show, but it definitely deserves to be in the second place. The story centers around two new manager of a mysterious building called “The Drake” along with its owners and tenants.

Awesomeness : oh, where do i begin ? It definitely has two kind of horror in it , the spooky kind(which is the best kind), and  the gory kind. The mystery is also captivating. There are many enthralling suspense and shocks that makes your heart goes badoom-boom-boom (not in superbass kinda way!). Plus , there are many good actor in it such as Terry O’quinn (Lost, X-files), the viciously hilarious Vanessa William (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives) , Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters, one of my all-time favorite show!), and Rachel Taylor ( i’m not really familiar with her work, but she’s just really good in this show, she’s such a stunning lady)

Lameness : none, really, it’s just so good…., you HAVE TO watch it !!


Ow, c’mon…. do i really need to explain this one?

Oh well, for you that has been living under a rock, this show tells a story about a group of people trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world in which the world are filled with zombies. On its third season, the show just keeps getting better. The premier itself broke a record as the highest ratings in cable history.

– Awesomeness: Oh god.., everything about this show is awesome.  Fantastic writing and storyline, definitely full of horror, fascinating drama, etcetc i could go on and on and on…

– Lameness : there’s nothing lame about this show, but if you can’t stand a bloody and gore kinda scene, then this show isn’t for you

So! that’s my list of top 5 best horror/mystery series on TV these days. I know horror is not for everyone, but I do hope this inspires you to go hit the TV, or DVD, and  probably helps you to find your new favorite show to watch!

finally, Stephen King once said

” We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones” so…, anyway,

Happy Tuesday everyone!



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