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The failure of my to-do-list…..and also SBY as a president (oh no you didn’t, yes i did!!)

Apparently i noticed today that my to-do list has been piling up and slightly falling behind the tempo as last week i was being a complete lazybones. Therefore, i was planning on dedicating this sunday to catch up on some of those to-do list. One of my main priority was to finish Karl marx’s book – communist manifesto – which was an obligatory reading material for one of my class, theory of socialism. Yea well…,unfortunately that did not happen.

So i moved on, i moved to the next to-do list in the hope that i would have a better will to finish. As i found that the next to-do list was also another class reading material, which happened to be this book about democracy in China (we’re going to discuss about democratization of China this Monday!), i immediately skip that one and went straight to the next to do list.

lol for myself.

What is it about these mandatory reading material that just make you not wanting to read them? i mean, i certainly read all the time! in fact, i did finish reading a chapter of a fiction novel today,which is like a hundred pages , yay for me, But what is it about reading homework that is just soo… repugnant ?

Anyway, after skipping two of the most volition-breaking (yes, volition is the word of the day!) to-do-list of the week, i was feeling like i could have some sugar, a reaall good, tasty, sweet sugary treat. a big one. That’s why i made up my mind and decided to make this huge muffin batter that i baked on a big oval cake tin just for myself.  Apparently failing to finish several of those to-do-list brought some sort of sad feeling and self-dissapoinment inside me that my subconscious mind was telling me to eat all of my feelings up…., or maybe eat all of my homeworks up to be precise.

well hey what do you know? it worked! trust me, sugar always brings something good . except diabetes…, as Bryan Collins once said ” who needs boys, when you can have sugar , right?”

So after i dose myself with all of that chocochip chocolate banana mufin cake, i have the strength to actually trying to accomplish another to-do list. i didn’t go back to the reading homework though because that ship had sailed…..

Well the next to-do-list had something to do with my attempt to dive in into the world of journalism. These couple of weeks i’ve been joining this workshop and internship training program to become a journalist in one of the most acclaimed newspaper in the country. i’m not an intern yet, but i am trained to be an intern (i didn’t even know there’s such thing…) which in the end of the course i will be able to take part in the selection of becoming one of the intern. fiuhh….sounds like hardwork , huh ?.

Well, One of my first assignment for the workshop was to write an opinion about one of their latest headline about the absence of president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) on a ceremonial event that commemorate the victims of 2002 Bali bombing.

That was a piece of cake. i was happy to do that since i’ve been wanting to say something about this particular news. Memento mori: A relative of a 2002 Bali bombing victim visits the monument to those slain in the attack in Kuta. Friday marks the 10th anniversary of the bombings that killed 202 people. (BD/Zul Edoardo)

It is riDICKulous for him, as a president, not to show up in a such ceremony. The officials told the news that SBY couldn’t make it because he had “more important things to doon friday” that had something to do with unspecified “domestic issues“.

Imagine if Obama didn’t show up on a commemoration of the 9/11 victims. what would that be like? that would be insensitive and unsympathetic of him! and that exactly was SBY.In all thoughtfulness, it is understandable for SBY not to attend such events for his rush of occupation as a president.  But venthough he had no obligation to attend the event as it had been explained by his spokeperson, it still seems inappropriate for SBY, who was quite well-known for his stance in anti-terrorism issue,not to pay tribute to the victims due to a reason that could not be specified.Terrorism specially this particular case of bombing, was supposed to be an important matter not only for our country but also for the international environment. So, whatever domestic issue that halt    the president from attending the bali ceremony, it had better be very important.

The bombing itself didn’t only kill australians, but also indonesians and many other nationalities. So eventhough politically SBY wasn’t obliged to attend the event, moral obligation itself should be able to lay out a reason on why SBY should have come to the ceremony.

So that’s it. that’s the only thing on my to-do-list that was successfully executed.  but still, one is better than none 🙂

Anyway, it’s 11:16 PM now and i’m ready to go to bed. Tomorrow is monday (oh god) and i am going to need my beauty sleep. So, i guess that’s it for today, i hope you, whoever read this, have a great monday ahead of you !

kisses and hugs !


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