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Revolution : When Electricity Runs Out

Have you ever imagined what would it be if all of the electricity in the world is gone ? no more cellphones, no more laptops, tvs (god that’d be aweful!)

Well i had not, until i watched this new series called revolution, which basically told the story of the world in which there’s no electricity, like at all! all black…..dead….no light…like entirely…..totally….wholly….not even a slight trace of things electric……no one would try to imitate elisabeth hassleback on a blog like me… ever……

Yea, what would happen really if there’s no electricity ? will human survive ? obviously our ancient progenitors had lived life with no electricity before. But even so, they had the advantage of not having dependencies towards various electrical tool like modern human beings,correct ?

Imagine the world where there’s no fridge to preserve our food (no ice cream!!), no air conditioner to keep the temperature cool, no advanced medical utilities, no jets to pump water, batteries won’t work, obviously there won’t be cars cus they require engines that creates electricity,definitely no planes to travel, blabla you know the rest. ugh, that would be horrible.

Supposedly those things happen, just like in the series, we probably going to go back to the way our old old ancestor live their life, long long time ago like probably before 18th century or something. living life…., primitivee styllee, wheel barrel …going hunting…., plant your own food, things like that you know. Of course before that, the world would be experiencing a massive chaos first, anarchy would emerge because modern type of government would have to be useless by then. criminality rate went up, everyone looking out for themselves, things like that.

I would probably cry first over small things like “noooo!! i havent watch the final episode of game of thronesss…., nooo can’t watch SNL foreverrr…aaaa….” you know what i mean….. like, “no porn….aaaa” , things like that…..just kidding i don’t watch porn…..really….

but anyway, back to the series,

The story itself has a very dystopian, futuristic, i’d say post-apocalyptic theme to it.  It sets 15 years after what appears to be a massive blackout throughout the world. Survival is definitely also a theme in this series. It premiered on september 17th, so far, there hasn’t been any dissapointment from me as a viewer, although you knowww….. this kinda show is just…, i don’t know….., these days, if you’re gonna make like a dystopian post-apocalyptic show you better put zombies or aliens in it. otherwise, there won’t be any thrill and people will stop watching. remember terra nova ? that show is kickass, but ….it got cancelled like nobody bizz.

The show is basically the walking dead without zombies right ? or maybe falling skies without the aliens? Lost without the mystical tropical island? or terra nova but with blackout instead of environment degradation ? I believe terra nova and revolution is the most similiar compare those previous three show. The “new civilization” idea, rebellion, things like that…

It highlights themes such as survivalism and that “good guy versus bad guy”, or more likely to be “good guy versus evil authority” plot of story. Show like this always incorporates intricate life dramas and mystery into one. In this case, the mystery revolves around the main reason for the blackout.  But if you’re remember this previous show called terra nova and how it ends,well,…..let’s just hope that this show won;t get cancelled so soon because this show is actually enjoyable. i would definitely recommend it to people to watch.

Here’s a trailer of the show to gets you more interested


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